Advantages when Choosing MetroRehab

Other advantages when choosing MetroRehab Hospital for your stroke rehabilitation

  • ‘My Stroke Journey’ pack from the National Stroke Foundation – A resource for you and your family that provides stroke education and helpful contacts to assist you in managing your condition
  • Spasticity Management – Specialised assessment/treatment by accredited doctors including Botulinum Toxin (Botox) injections and personalised multidisciplinary management programs
  • Hydrotherapy – Gravity free movement in a warm therapeutic environment can be an effective component of a neurological rehabilitation program; buoyancy can aid your range of movement and allow you to build on your fitness, balance and strength
  • Stroke/Neurological Rehabilitation Services Coordinator – An experienced therapist is on site to coordinate your rehabilitation pathway and provide education and support to you and your family. The coordinator ensures the intervention you are receiving is in-line with the latest evidence in stroke care.